How To Get Long Lasting Lip Colour


I love a good long lasting lipstick , I was addicted to them for a while but found out that they dry your lips if you use them too frequently and we want smooth succulent lips don’t we? If not for anything else, but for kissing right?

It is very annoying to have your lip colour gone at the slightest touch to a wine glass or whatever takes it away, I know some of us are so used to it that we don’t even bother anymore, we either leave it ,run to the nearest ladies or well lit corner to reapply. Here are a few precautionary tips to help your lip colour stay longer.

Take care of your lips, make sure they are smooth and nice

Remember to use lip balm before you put on your lipstick, it helps to prepare the surface and moisturize the lips. Wait a few minutes before applying the lipstick to let it do some work, then blot out any excess oils with a tissue.

You can totally skip this step but it is advisable to apply lip primer, light concealer or foundation to your lip to provide a base to work with.

Remember to line the lip with a colour similar to the lip colour you are about to put on, this helps to increase pigmentation. A highly pigmented lipstick would last longer. Start the lip lining from your cupid’s bow i.e. the middle of your lips, using the side and not the tip of the lip liner.

Apply your lipstick using a lip brush. You can stop here if you want it to last just a few hours, but if you want more long lasting quality. Take a thin sheet of tissue, place gently over your lips, take a little loosepowder with your powder brush and dust over the tissue protected lip.

In fact some people skip most of the fore mentioned steps and  go to this directly because it helps remove the oil from the lipstick and makes the lip colour long lasting.


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