The Makeover: Kobunsingye Teddy


Kobusingye Teddy is a spirited and strong willed young woman and mother of a six year old from Kasubi. At only 25, she has built a thriving small restaurant business from her savings after her family failed to support her through high school. This has made her an inspiration to many young women in her neighborhood. She has also become quite popular in her vicinity, not just for her specially made breakfast consisting of omelettes and “katogo“, but for her interesting after work personal style too.

‘My small restaurant has had such unprecedented growth that I really struggle to keep up and also dedicate as much time to taking care of myself as I used to. I fear that  some of my customers who were initially attracted to the restaurant by my kind of style will dessert me’’

Pre -make over Style: I wear lots of long dresses, skirts and long tops especially when at work. To me, this feels stylish. At the same time, it helps me avoid upsetting my customers by covering up my underarms or disrupt their enjoyment of meals.

Style icon: My pastor’s wife Mrs Kayiwa of Namirembe Pentecostal Church. She is always so impeccably dressed and has a gracious personality too. That’s what I aspire to be like when my business becomes much more successful.

Make over experience: It has been such a marvelous experience. I have seen a totally different side of life and of myself too. I know I’m not an ugly girl but I have never in a million years imagined myself as gorgeous as I feel and look. I think I look like the artist Sheeba. My customers and child will be amazed by new exotic look! I feel so new and inspired to work even harder so that I can always look like this. The AW team was also extremely nice to me. Thank you.

Best part of the makeover. The photo-shoot was amazing but I had the best time at the Enviri Salon at Sheraton. It was my first time to go to such a high end location and get the kind of quality service I got from the stylists. After they applied my makeup, it hit me: I will never look at myself the same way ever again. It was a very empowering feeling.

Best Outfit: The white playsuit and white pumps. It was just so perfect; it fit me just right, the accessories Oh My God! All I can say is that I felt like a million bucks!

Take way style tip. A woman’s honor and grace is in the way she looks, so dressing well and enhancing your beauty through things like make-up goes a long way. As a person who is trying to grow my business, looking well projects a much more powerful image, and that could be what opens up the next door.

Teddy was then taken to the Enviri Salon where she had her hair washed treated coloured and styled into a cropped do.

She then had her make up done to amazement before she was taken to the studio.


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