Would You want Your Man to Cook?


So this other day I was having a conversation with a guy friend of mine who to say has mad kitchen skills would be a serious underplay of his abilities. He had just finished making himself one of his amazing dishes and it dawned on me at that very moment that I do not want to get married to a guy who can cook! Matter of fact, I do not want a guy who can do all things considered ‘feminine’ where chores are concerned better than me. Am I being narrow minded or is this the general feeling among women?

I asked my sister what she thought about this and her response was, I might say – even stronger than my personal views. I was about to think it’s the way all women think when I asked my aunts and to my surprise, they were actually shocked we wouldn’t want men who can cook. And then I asked my friends and some had responses like my aunts and some had responses like my sister and I. Mind you I am not talking about the simple general cooking and cleaning – I mean insane skills – you know the kind of cooking where you have no idea what’s in your plate and every taste explodes your senses?

So why would different women have different responses to this question? Does it have anything to do with age, exposure, self-confidence, personal skills? My reasons? Well, I just do not want to have to work extra hard to impress you know because I know what he is capable of. On the other hand, a man who can cook madly is just super amazing because every now and then you get treated to breakfast in bed or a to die for dinner and the whole lot. And one of my girlfriends was saying how a man who knows his way round the kitchen is usually more than willing to show off, impress and teach you. And a guy who can clean up after himself too? That could be a bonus right? You don’t have to go picking after him and tearing your hair every time he forgets to put things in place and all.

And it is fact too by the way that most established chefs are men. And there is no denying that watching a guy do his thing in the kitchen is just something! Issues aside, nothing beats that scene. So now one is caught between wanting a guy who can do the most magical of things for her and not wanting to go mad when you think of reciprocating the good deed. What do we do? Go for cooking lessons? Puhleez! Remember that ‘not wanting to work too hard to impress?’ yeah.

Never mind that people have this perception that men who can cook and clean are serious work. Unless of course he doesn’t mind cooking everyday because if he does his Jaime Oliver thing for me today and then expects me to cook for him tomorrow? He’ll have another thing coming. Lol, for real!

Tell us your thoughts, what kinda man is your kinda man and why?


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