Too Broke for Comfort?


Ever been in a situation where you have no idea how you are going to get by? If you do not have a job, then the people indebted to you are fast running out and you literally don’t even have a coin in your pocket, and we won’t even talk about your bank account because by now it’s just polite to say you don’t have one anymore.

And if you still have a job, you probably have no idea when next you are getting paid. The employers used to pay you exactly by the 25th, and then gradually it got later and later and there was a time when the 68th was not bad at all until it got to a point where you didn’t even ask anymore. If and when it comes, you are so deep in debt that payday brings more headaches than ever.

Personally, I wonder who those job classifieds are for anyway; most of the time you don’t even qualify for the darned posts. If the job isn’t in an entirely unrelated field as yours, it’s something you can do but can’t apply for because they want no less than so many years experience plus a whole lot of post grad qualifications one can only get with money which you obviously don’t have because we haven’t forgotten that you are shattered by the way. Now how do they figure you will ever get that experience if they never higher the fresh from college in the first place?

So in a situation like that you get creative. “Hmmm how best to make money from nothing?” But hey, building castles in the air soon loses its allure. You are no criminal, so pick pocketing and bank robbing aren’t options. You don’t have a creative bone in your body, much less an artistic talent – so it’s not going to be a romantic heroic story for you of how you survived and became the World’s best.

You also love life, and come on, nobody knows what the afterlife holds, so no committing suicide for you. One thing is certain though, there is no super rich relative about to die and leave you an attractive estate. No ma’am real life doesn’t have such happy endings, even G.R.R Martin knows that.

So what do you do in a situation like that? Honestly. I have no idea. Just had to commiserate – no solutions from me, lol.


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