Recipe For The Busy Careerist: Sautéed Irish Potatoes (Katogo)

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Making dinner (good dinner) on a weekday can be so tedious that it gets crossed off the list of things to do. After all, we can just throw ingredients in a pan on a stove and make katogo, right?

I have a feeling katogo was made for super busy people. In honor of the celebrated katogo, this recipe is a remake, but with a twist. It’s not hard work. Really! It just requires a little pre-preparation.

The secret is to set aside a few minutes (preferably the day before the dish is to be made) to dice all potatoes and vegetables (except the tomatoes and onions), then store in air tight containers in the refrigerator. Once that is done with, you can always make a scrumptious dinner in a short time.

What you will need:

1Kg.  Potatoes, cubed into bite size pieces

1 Large green pepper, diced

2 Large carrots, diced

3 Small tomatoes, diced

1 Large onion, diced

1 Tbsp. Soy sauce

2Tbsp. Cooking oil

½ Tbsp. Royco mchuzi mix

A pinch of sugar


Katoogoof Irish Potatoes


Boil cubed potatoes for 15 minutes until almost cooked but not tender. Remove from fire, drain and set aside. In another pan, sauté the onions in hot oil for 30 seconds on high heat. Add tomatoes, pepper and carrots and keep stirring. Add salt, sugar and mchuzi mix and keep stirring. Add the boiled potatoes and stir till evenly distributed. Cover the pan and let the potatoes cook for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, remove lid and stir in the soy sauce till evenly distributed. Cover the pan for another two minutes. After two minutes (or so) remove from fire and let cool.  Serves two.


  • The recipe can be doubled to fit your family.
  • Sugar neutralizes the sourness of tomatoes.
  • I skipped peeling the potatoes.
  • To preserve the potatoes, Cube, and place them in a container filled with water (at least one inch above the potatoes) and refrigerate. They last for one day


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