50 Year Old Virgin Man Looking for a Virgin Partner


I came across a funny story this morning as I was scouting for stories to get inspiration from. And what I ran into got me doubling over at first and then after some thought – well I just didn’t know what to make of it all. How can a sane man be a virgin at FIFTY!?

The story of this man is that in his 30s, he wanted to marry, but the girl was only in her teens and her parents chased him and threatened to set dogs on him if he ever showed his face again. That broke his heart so much that he never looked at another woman again. So now at 50 he hopes that he can find a nice, sweet virgin girl to wife. In his opinion, mature virgin women don’t exist anymore these days, so the woman for him is someone who is probably 18 or something.

I wonder if this isn’t a classic case of the overvaluing of a girl’s virginity. Although in this case where this man hasn’t had any experience at all for a whole half century is just mind-boggling! He should be a grandfather by now! Are the juices still working I wonder. 50 years? Ah! This is incredible. Not that I want to start a discussion on the “overratedness” (if such a word exists) of virginity but honestly?

This guy’s situation makes one wonder though. Exactly how much is a guy’s virginity valued? If it isn’t at all, is this man delusional perhaps? Will he find the girl of his dreams? But has he taken a look at himself in the mirror? A five decade old man can hardly be called still appealing for a young woman. Or maybe he’s just a serious pedophile. And he’s lying about this whole never had sex thing, trying to woo young girls.

But then again, not having sexual relations isn’t a crime last time I checked. So we should give the man a break? #WeirdWorld


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