Marks of a Real Man


Every woman has a shopping list of what her perfect man should be like. And giving credit where credit is due, to say Mills & Boons in their heyday brought out the universal perfect man like he hasn’t ever been brought would be an understatement. But that was and always will be fictional creations. I mean, where in the world do you find a drop dead gorgeous, muscular, attractively arrogant and obscenely rich super fine man perfect in every way? In our dreams maybe. So if we can’t have perfect, we can certainly do real right?

But what is a real man? Is it someone who leaves you with no question he is a MAN? Or someone who isn’t fake and doesn’t try to be something he is not? Well, for the purposes of this article we’ll agree to use both definitions yes? Yes. So what are the marks of a real man? Confidence is one. Nothing says man like confidence. Sure there is a very thin line between confidence and arrogance, but done right – there’s just SOMETHING about a man who is confident. His stance, his manner – you cannot help but be attracted to him.

A real man isn’t a pushover. Women like to get their way all the time, but it doesn’t mean we want someone who will say yes to our every command do we? Nooo! Personally, I like to work for a yes. Surprise a girl you know. A “no” half the time, a “I’ll think about it” some of the times and even if after a while it becomes “yes yes yes”, most of the time, one will hardly notice because it would already have been established that he doesn’t do what he is told, he does what he wants and nothing you can say or do will ‘make’ him do anything. If he cannot afford something you want, he will tell you he has no money for that and won’t spend the rest of the month in trouble just because he could not say no to you. Who wouldn’t respect a guy like that?

Another mark is somebody who has a presence. Someone who when he gets into the room, regardless of his physical stature, complexion, class and that whole list of variables, he will be noticed. Not in a repelling way (there are people like that right, who try too hard to be seen), but someone who just has that irresistible pull on every woman. And a guy who has that kind of presence isn’t fake. He is comfortable enough with himself to not want to try to be something he is not. If he went to public schools, he is okay with that, you won’t hear him embarrassing himself trying to sound like he went to private schools (nothing annoys me like failed attempts at to die for accents). And speaking of, he is comfortable enough to speak with you in his mother tongue and doesn’t think English or any other European language is what defines class.

Agree with me or not but a man who is for real keeps his word if it kills him. If he says he will do something or be somewhere, he will do it and be there. He is knowledgeable, but doesn’t grab every chance he gets to show it. He’s chilled, not all over the place like an aroused animal… Aaaaaah real men!
If you’ve got a real man in your backyard -shout out to you!


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