5 Reasons Why Women Seem to Like Bad Guys


We’ve all been that woman right – one point in time, if not many a time, when everyone who looks at you wonders what exactly it is that draws you to this particular guy. And in future, you yourself would wonder the same thing, “what in the world was wrong with you that time?” Is it because you were that desperate for a man? Or was it because you loved him so much you thought he would change? Here are a few reasons why women seem to gravitate towards the men that do the most horrible things to them and interesting enough, totally ignore those who would be the most sweetest to them.

1. The belief that the man who takes your virginity should be the one who marries you.
It is sad that in this part of the hemisphere, women are still reduced to the idea that they are property – transferable from the male patriarch of her family to her husband. Meaning that when she does not have what is considered to make her whole (her virginity), she is considered broken and therefore not fit to be a respectable woman and wife. What does this lead to? A woman who finds herself having lost that virginity to a guy she thought she was madly in love with, only to discover that he is a total douschebag. The problem then comes when he finally decides to show his true colours because he figures he’s already gotten what he wanted, he takes her for a serious ride, beats her even, unashamedly cheats on her and she holds on because she thinks if she just endures it all, he’ll marry her and whatever happens, she can live with an abusive man, but not the ‘shame of an unmarried woman who isn’t a virgin’. Too sad for words.

2. She is made to believe she is the problem
I don’t know what is wrong with some men, but sometimes it seems like they believe the purpose of their existence on earth is to make the lives of every woman that crosses their path a living hell. They will do everything in their power to make those poor women’s lives miserable. But why do the women continue on with that kind of man? Well because some of them will get into your head so bad it’s unbelievable. He will hammer it into her head that she is good for nothing and the reason why he treats her so badly till she believes it. And noone can tell her different, until by some miracle, she changes her mindset.

3. Thinking that her love will conquer all
There are times when as a woman, you fall for someone so hard it’s embarrassing when you think about it later. And the sadder thing is that he wouldn’t have fallen for you like that at all and he can see you are insanely head over heels for him. That kind of guy is the most dangerous. Because he knows he can do whatever, and you won’t care because you are obsessed with him. He won’t come see you, call or text or at the very least make excuses and you will still hold on to the hope that JUST maybe, your love will one of these days open up his eyes to the amazing woman you are. Women can be so maddening!

4. Not confident enough
Confidence is everything. Even if you are not so pretty, if you believe you are hot, you will be. It takes you to believe you are something for people outside to see it too. Unfortunately for the not-confident-woman, she, without any encouragement from anyone, will think that she is not pretty enough, curvy enough, smart enough, rich enough or anything enough to land a man who can actually love her. This kind of woman is heartbreaking because she has no idea what potential she has. But she will stay with the man that makes her cry every night and depresses her every day.

5. She loves his money more
It cannot be to err to say that people are motivated by different things. For some, it’s money and everything material at any cost. He can beat her, not come home, be incredible nasty, but she won’t mind, as long as her bank balance is to her approval. Matter of fact, as long as her family, friends, associates and anyone who cares believes she is doing good – he can fry her alive every night for all she cares.

But these are just SOME of the reasons why women get into or continue in bad relationships. If you are one of these women, get out of that relationship! Whatever your reason is – its not worth it – your happiness is.


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