Enchanted Safari Collection (SS15)

What to Wear on Safari

The Enchanted Safari collection borrows inspiration from the modern African Safari. To Sylvia Owori, a safari is an expedition and so is fashion. The Enchanted Safari collection blends structure with fluid flair to create functional yet luxurious pieces. Earth tones, snakeskin, leopard and zebra prints embody safari while bright reds, yellows, airy chiffons, cotton, mesh and luxurious details in gold impart enchantment to the collection.

This collection is for today’s adventurous yet fashion conscious woman.

The Enchanted Safari collection represents a free spirited, functional yet luxurious approach to today’s ready to wear fashion.

Camo Shirt
Camo shirt dress with side pockets
Taupe Military Wear
Taupe military-inspired jumpsuit. It features large gold buttons, pockets and a chinese collar
snakeskin shirt, satin corset and red sheer skater skirt
Animal Print Dress
yellow long-sleeved animal print maxi dress with double slits. t features a cut out midriff and tie-neck detail
Safari Dress
Dark green trench-inspired sleeveless blouse, crimson chiffon skirt with high side slit and embellished waistband and SO recycled denim kikapu bag


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