8 Places You Should Visit During your Honeymoon



This is another best spot for honeymooners to chill out. It is best described as island state comprising of over 115 scenic islands with beautiful vegetation. Its rare vegetation features unique floral and faunal species that are equally worth exploring.  While on honeymoon safari here, you have a chance to relax out in any of the beaches. They include among others the Gran Anse and Vallee de Mai Nature reserve. For any need for exotic experience, Seychelles should be a must for you to visit while on safari in Africa.

The Victoria waterfalls

If you have always wished to visit that one most scenic site then the Victoria waterfalls should be a must in your travel plan. This touristic site is ideal for nature lovers, honeymooners and it gets you the best of Africa’s most exceptional beauty. This natural wonders offers the best views. The Victoria waterfall straddles around the Zambezi River and while here, you have variety of activities to engage in that will leave lasting memories.


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