Renting a Wedding Car: Important Things to Know


For any plans for a wedding, no need for you to be stressed on which unique car to use to make your day memorable. It is always everyone’s dream to wed but others fail to realize their dream due to certain factors. Your wedding day is remarkably that long dream day that comes with lots of joy and at times sad moments. This means early preparations must be conducted as early as possible especially for transportation. The choice you make should also be a great one and not of regrets and to avoid any kind of disappointments, we believe that these tips will of great help to you.

Book your dream car early enough

Given the high demand for these bridal cars, you do not need to wait till the last minute to book your dream bridal vehicle otherwise, you will be disappointed. To plan for a wedding takes a process and this comes with some stress and after happiness. Not to let headache to take over you, booking for that dream wedding car earlier enough is the best way to go. Our advice is that you need to do so at least six (6) months earlier and if you are a kind who needs that unique model, then looking for it at least a year prior your wedding date is the best.

Use a trust worthy company to book

While there are many car rental companies that offer nearly the same service, you have to be careful on which one you intend to deal with as not all of them can be trusted. Do not deal with the road side car hires or individuals and at least get a registered company because it is recognized. To be on a safer side, we are a reliable and trust worthy car rental in Uganda that can make your dreams come true. Dealing with a registered car hire company like ours is the best idea the fact that you have somewhere to go in case of anything. To others, they feel saving is the best and they opt for borrowing from colleagues, yes, this is one way to go but it is important if you did it with still a trust worthy lender otherwise to avoid being let down on the last minute.

Know your budget

Do not go for what you can’t afford. Deal within your limit and know how much you have planned to spend on car hire. This matters a lot as it will help you know the kind of car to hire depending on latest cars on market and also helps you avoid incurring debts because you never planned your things well. Therefore make sure that you live within your means and don’t be in a competition because your friend used this number of cars or this type of car so you should also have the same.

Take note of the wedding and reception venue           

This is equally of a great significance and it will help you understand which kind of vehicle to rent for your day. Some bridal cars may not be reliable for long distances. Besides, this can also help you know how much you will pay as costs may differ if your wedding is destined within a city center or in the rural area.

Arrange appointments with car Rental Company

After you have chosen your dream bridal car, make sure you meet up with car Hire Company you intend to deal with to ensure that the car you intend to use that day is of that style and matches your wedding. Besides, conduct an independent research or pay a visit to the company’s office and find out which terms and conditions are set for their car hire. Besides, you can even request them to make some changes on specific areas that you feel the car they intend to offer you isn’t in.

Know how many cars are required for that day

Weddings usually attract large number and it is important that you get know how many people are expected to be part of this event. This will help you know how many cars are needed for the day and still booking it earlier is a requirement. Other factors that should be put taken note of is know if you as a couple want to be together or in different cars from that of maids and grooms men. Hence carrying capacity also becomes one important factor to consider and this can be determined by how many people are expected to be part of your wedding party. Most significantly, a limousine can be better for some status for certain class of people however, make your best choice depending on your budget. Do not go for what you can’t afford and after, you remain in debts.


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